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Satronic TMO 720-4

The Satronic TMO 720-4 oil burner control box is capable of controlling and monitoring medium to high capacity forced-draught burners (tested and approved as per EN 230). It can be employed, as preferred, for multi-stage or modulating operation, with burners of any nominal rating or with stationary warm air generators (as per DIN 4794).

  • Refª completa: TMO 720-4 (08001U Honeywell)
  • For 1- or 2-stage oil burners up to 30 kg/h throughput and intermittent operation
  • Flame detection: photo resistor  FZ 771 S, infrared-flicker detector IRD 1010
  • Power supply: 220 – 240V
  • Pre-purge time with air damper open: 30 sec
  • Air damper open / close time: <60 sec
  • Pre-ignition time: 30 sec or 2 sec (terminal 10)
  • Safety interval (fixed): 5sec
  • Postt-ignition time (fixed): 7.5 sec
  • Delay second stage: 11.5 sec